Zomax 500mg tablet

Zomax 500mg tablet

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6 tablet(s)/Pack

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Composition: Azomax contains 500mg of Azithromycin in tablet form

Azomax is an antibiotic used to treat the following conditions:

  1. Bronchitis
  2. Skin infections
  3. Pharyngitis
  4. Tonsillitis
  5. Pneumonia
  6. Genitourinary infections.

Patient administered with this medicine may experience GI upset, anorexia, allergy ,rash, photosensitivity (light sensitivity), arthralgia (joint pain), edema (fluid retention), anaphylaxis , abnormal liver function, hepatitis, (liver failure) cholestatic jaundice (disease of the live which causes yellowing of the eyes), dizziness, vertigo, convulsions (body muscles contract and relax repeatedly), headache, somnolence(drowsiness ), kidney disorders and even acute renal failure (severe kidney failure), palpitations (racing heart sensation), arrhythmias (irregular heart beat) among  many other effects. Consult your healthcare provider for further details.

This medicine should not be used in patients with hepatic (liver) disease.

  • Take a tablet with meals.
  • Take capsule 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals
  • Take oral suspension with or without meals
  • Do not take antacids containing aluminum or magnesium .
  • Complete full course of therapy even if you feel better
  • Take a sufficient amount of fluids every day to maintain hydration (2-3 litres per day ) unless your doctor has specifically advised against it.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you notice mouth sores , vaginal sores ,vaginal sores , vaginal discharge, unrelieved fever.
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